Equine First Aid

Advanced Equine First Aid 



Join us for a one day highly advanced equine emergency first aid course and learn what to do in the most extreme situations! Covering everything from


  • trapped horses to poison

  • burns to bites

  • hypothermia to tie ups

  • fractures to sucking chest wounds

  • this course prepares the student to handle the most serious injuries, where without intervention the horse will not survive.

  • $159.00

Equine Health and Emergency First Aid

Our most popular full day course! This course covers;

  • Vital Signs- normal & abnormal

  • Conditioning your horse to accept treatment

  • How to prevent injuries

  • How to treat colic, shock, collapse, lacerations, casting, choke, and hoof issues

  • When to call a vet

  • Identify and alleviate pain for your horse

  • Each student will receive a first aid manual and certificate upon completion

  • Cost $159.00

Equine First Aid Fundamentals

This half day first aid course is very hands on and fast paced!  Recommended for ages 10 years and up. 

Topics Covered include;

  • Working hands on with horses

  • learn to take vital signs

  • practice bandaging for realistic scenarios

  • how to detect colic in horses

  • recognize pain in horses

  • Each student will receive a first aid manual and certificate upon completion

  • Cost $89.00

I Can Help!  Horse First Aid for Kids

For Ages 5-10, half day training for 3 hours

Have a horse crazy youngster?  

  • Sign them up for the 3 hour kids program.  

  • They'll learn horse safety and basic first aid in a fun, hands on environment.  

  • There's even a recipe for horse cookies in their manual and they'll all get a certificate of completion!  

  • No horse experience necessary!       

  • $59.00

Safety First- The Barn and Beyond

  • Looking to buy your first horse?

  •  Your first acreage?  

  • New to the world of ranching or just want to get close to a horse and learn more about them? 

  • Join us for a 3-hour comprehensive safety course focusing on farm safety, livestock safety, and of course safety around horses! 

  • Geared for very basic/beginners.


  • $59.00